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Future programs have been postponed at this time. Once we have been cleared by the government to return to normal, we will begin scheduling events. In the meantime, call, video chat, and email with your friends. Take a walk, get fresh air – we live in the best place for fresh air. Stay Strong!

Maryann Grau

Author of
Cancer and Fishnet Stockings

March 19, 2020 Program has been cancelled

March Program
Although the March luncheon and program was cancelled,
Maryann Grau has graciously provided a copy of her presentation.
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Special message from our March speaker, Maryann Grau author of Cancer and Fishnet Stockings
While I was undergoing cancer treatment, a dear friend brought me a home-cooked meal with a little dish taped to the package.  It read, “Look for Something Beautiful Each Day.”  As we face the threat of this new deadly virus, it’s too easy to get lost in the 24/7 bad-news cycle of tweets and “alerts” and “updates.” It becomes impossible to focus on the good things in our lives: where we live, the love we share with family and friends, the way we pull together in the face of potential disaster, the help offered to those who need it most, the concern and care our neighbors have for one another.  I had been a recipient of that natural goodness, and I continue to follow my friend’s advice to Look for Something Beautiful Each Day. Fortunately, living in this community, one never has to look too far.

Maryann Grau was born in New York City but has lived in California since her early teens.  She is a widow with two children and two grandchildren.
In 1970, she began a 34-year career with the Los Angeles Times. In 1994, As Managing Director, she opened and ran the Times’ first International Business office and moved to London.  She represented U.S. writers—Henry Kissinger and Jesse Jackson among the most notable—and publications like Golf and Sports Illustrated. After five years she returned to the U.S. as President of NewsCom, a provider of news content and photos to publications worldwide. She moved to Cambria in 2007 after retiring from the Times.
Maryann has been involved in many local community group activities i.e. Wine Diva Coordinator, Flash Mob Participant, past Program Chair and then President of the Neighbors Club. Nine years ago, she developed dance aerobics and strength training programs at the Joslyn Center on a volunteer basis. The groups donations to the center recently reached a yearly all-time high of $5,000.
In 2016, Maryann was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer.  During treatment, she began a series of email updates to friends and family which became the backbone of her book.  She will discuss her journey from discovery of the tumor through publication of the book with special emphasis on the importance of self-advocacy when it comes to health issues.
The book’s subtitle is “How Humor Helped Me Survive a Life-Threatening Disease, the Loss of My Favorite Nail Polish…and Other Calamities.” Her oncologist who wrote the foreword, calls the book, “inspirational, informative and very funny.” 

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